Program Templates

Portfolios can be used beyond the scope of one course to include all kinds of different programs.  You might consider using portfolios for groups of students such as majors, minors, specific emphases, scholar designations, and cohorts.

Pathbrite now allows us to create portfolio templates for wider groups of students, and we're happy to help you get one set up for your program -- simply contact us.  Before getting started, here are some questions to think about:

  • What are your goals for student portfolios?
  • Why do you think portfolios will help you to achieve those goals?
  • How will faculty/administrators use the portfolio? 
  • How do you anticipate students using the portfolio?
  • What learning outcomes/evidence of outcomes do you want student portfolios to demonstrate?
  • What kinds of incentives will you have for students to complete the portfolio?
  • How will you promote higher-level learning such as reflection and integration into the portfolio?
  • How will you assess student portfolios?


Pathbrite templates can be created for a variety of uses:  majors, minors, co-curricular programs, interdisciplinary programs, etc. and can be customized for your program or use case.

Templates are your best option if you're looking for a long-term option for groups larger than one course.  If you're teaching an individual course, we can help you set Pathbrite up in Canvas for that course specifically.

If you have questions, please contact us for more information.

Sample Template

If you're interested in creating a template for your program, we encourage you to take a look at a few sample templates to see how they work.  We've created a basic template that will show you how

To view this template in your Pathbrite account, use the code GA9sA74.

Screenshot of the template portfolio main page:


Screenshots of template sections and prompts: