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How to Get Started

We've created a set of "modules" designed to help you get started.  Each module is a basic Canvas course that covers some material and asks you to complete one or more tasks in your portfolio.  They scaffold upon each other, from basic content and portfolio set up, through reflection, and all the way up to external review of your portfolio.  Links and brief descriptions of each module are provided below:


  • Defining the Portfolio Context:  If you're brand new to portfolios, this is a good place to start.  This module will help you conceptualize goals for your portfolio and covers basic setup.
  • Creating a Working Portfolio: This module goes over the idea of creating an online presence and the kinds of "artifacts", or evidence of your learning, that you might want to include.
  • Developing a Reflective Portfolio:  This module is highly recommended for everyone!  It provides you with a basis for reflective practice and discusses written reflection, as well as digital storytelling.
  • Connecting the Portfolio:  The content in this module will help you think about how to connect your coursework to other aspects of your scholarship and your life -- this is where you can really think about telling your own story.
  • Presenting the Portfolio:  Once you've curated your portfolio, you'll want to start presenting it to external audiences.  This module will help you think about how you'd like to accomplish that and help you come up with a plan for keeping your portfolio current.

If you have questions, or have difficulty accessing any of the modules, please contact Undergraduate Studies for assistance.

Last Updated: 3/10/17