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Modern Dance Workshop Example

Juan Carlos Claudio's "Modern Dance Workshop I" in the Department of Modern Dance asks students to submit multiple assignments, which are described below.  In addition, students complete at least two revisions of their portfolio work during the course, with several weeks in between due dates.


Other Examples:

city as text

global citizenship

Best Practices:

These assignments include several key pedagogical concepts:

  • Reflection is represented both formally as a class assignment and on an informal, ongoing basis in the journal
  • Identity development is a critical component of the reflective/tracing paper -- students are asked to reflect upon their growth as a dance artist and what the process of growth entails

Portfolio Assignments:

Self Discovery Paper:

Throughout the semester, you will be assigned multiple readings that will complement your exploratory movement experiences. You are to submit a typed in TNR font, 12 pt. font, double spaced, two pages in length response about a unit of your choice. The self-discovery paper should be based on an AHA Moment! Or a Light Bulb Moment. You must have some valuable information to share about your dance making process, creative knowledge, and collaboration. Written response paper is due no later than three days after the AHA moment!


A journal is required for this class. The journal is about your work, growth and experience in class. Record your objective experiences and observations weekly, as well as any physical sensations and images. Describe intriguing movement and moments. Write any comments that will guide you into other choreographic processes. Identify potential strategies and how they are applicable to your choreography and artistry. Track your learning process in class. You can be as creative as you wish adding pictures, drawings, dreams and memories. The journal will not be handed in but it will serve you as a personal reference for your REFLECTIVE TRACING PAPER and your PATHBRITE Creative Learning Portfolio.

Reflective/Tracing Paper:

The tracing paper should be a reflective summary about your experiences in class, not a summary of the course readings or a conscious stream of the mind dumped on paper. Using your journal as a stepping-stone, you should be able to outline your practical and theoretical growth as a dance artist. What methodologies do you feel were significant in the growing process as an artist? You must use four citations from assigned readings or readings you may find yourself.

Last Updated: 3/22/21