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Assignment Examples

The following assignments are all real-world examples of how learning portfolios have been used in University of Utah courses, graciously provided by faculty members.  In addition to a description of the assignment, each example includes some details that explain how the assignment embodies good learning portfolio pedagogy.

Honors: City as Text

Dr. Martha Bradley-Evans' "City as Text" course in the Honors College asks students to engage in experiential learning by walking around and experiencing different places.  Students use their learning portfolios for multiple assignments, including reflecting upon and photographing their walkabouts and building their class projects.

city as text

Modern Dance Workshop

Juan Carlos Claudio's "Modern Dance Workshop I" in the Department of Modern Dance asks students to submit multiple assignments, which are described here.  In addition, students complete at least two revisions of their portfolio work during the course, with several weeks in between due dates.



Christine Jones and Ye Sun's Block U "Global Citizenship" course asked students to compile an ongoing portfolio of things they liked and ideas about things done in class. The instructors also let students present what they were doing with their portfolios to generate ideas for how to make them creative.



Got a great example?

We're always looking for more examples -- if you have an assignment example that you think may be helpful for other faculty to see and use as inspiration, please contact us!

Last Updated: 3/22/21