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Learning Portfolios

your story, your future

Our website is currently under construction as we prepare for a Fall 2018 campus-wide Learning Portfolio Project launch. Please check back with us in Spring 2018 for more information. If you have questions or need support in the mean time, contact Robyn Moreno.

The Learning Portfolio Project is a campus-wide initiative that offers University of Utah students the opportunity to create personal websites that:

  • Communicate and showcase learning, skills, experiences and accomplishments
  • Contain a variety of artifacts, including: graphics, pictures, multimedia, writing, presentations and projects
  • Chronicle, display, contextualize and visibly present those artifacts for capstone projects, potential employers, graduate schools, and other audiences

The heart of the Learning Portfolio Project is the learning that happens when students engage in ongoing reflection as they revisit and reconsider their experience for a specific audience.

Learning Portfolios are a flexible, teaching and learning tool that can be used by departments and programs to document student progress and integrate specified outcomes. They provide a useful context in which to encourage active reflection, critical thinking, meaning making, and connect topics and integrated learning.

The University of Utah supports these efforts by providing platform software for portfolio creation (Pathbrite and Adobe ePortfolio), support for these platforms, and additional tools and resources to assist in students and faculty in developing portfolios (for example design support, video editing resources, curriculum ideas, free workshops, etc).

Last Updated: 10/5/17